custom orders



Would you like to study Japanese using your favourite manga, songs or articles about topics in which you are interested? We will be happy to create the study materials just for you!


manga is awesome


You just have to send us the file and we will create a page / pages that will be accessible only to you.

If you order grammar explanations from your own sources, we can also prepare homework for them.




As a subscriber or via the shop you can order only one homework for each page. If you would like to order more than one homework from the page chosen by you or have specific request like for example:

  • only open questions
  • only test questionsmanga is awesome
  • only questions on advanced level
  • only questions on basic level
  • more questions from the grammar constructions chosen by you
  • task that will check your writing skills
  • other

we can arrange it for you.

In that cases price would be set up individually so please contact us if you are interested.