After around 1 year of not posting new content, we are getting ready to get back.

When we launched the website in November 2017, although in the beginning we received a lot of support and things were going well, we weren’t able to scale on demand. Due to the fact, that this website (made just with WordPress) were not able to deal with such a high traffic and we were not able to deliver content on scale.

We learnt from our mistakes, gathered a team of coders and are currently working on a new platform.

Unfortunately, we will still not be adding new manga for a while… If you were looking forward to seeing new content – we are really sorry for not being able to meet your expectations and hope that new website will be enough to compensate for it.

If you are interested in the website’s development process, what kind of things we are working now and what kind of problems we are dealing with, please be updated since we will be writing regularly on our development blog:

Mangadou – development blog

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